Brendon Burchard Shares Why You Should Self-Publish Your Next Book!

The work of Brendon Burchard has had a great impact on both my life and my business. On this episode, you’ll hear Brendon share why self-publishing is becoming such a great option for authors (whether it’s your first book or even if you’ve previously published with a traditional publisher)…

Here’s who should self-publish:

  • Speed Freaks (If you want your book out in the next 18 months, you should self-publish.)
  • Control Freaks (If you are particular about the size, cover, content, flow of your book, you should self-publish.)
  • If your expertise is too expensive to give away for $20, self-publish and turn up the price of the book! (On this episode, I share how and why my first book retails for $200.)
  • If you speak on stages and sell books at events or seminars, it makes sense for you to self-publish because the margins are much better. (Your margins in traditional publishing are 10-20%.)
  • If you have access to retail channels or heavy hitting affiliates that can reach a large segment of your market, self-publish!

Here’s how I would recommend that you get into Brendon’s world: