1 Question To Determine if Your Content Should be Free or Paid

So, you’re ready to create a new piece of content…

As my friend Paul Reddick likes to say, maybe you feel as if you’re ‘pregnant‘ with a new idea/project… ?

But there’s one problem!

You’re not sure if it should be free ‘blog’ content or packaged into a paid book/eBook… ?

Should it be 1 long free YouTube video… or split up and packaged into a paid video product? ?

Here’s the question I ask clients to help decide if it should be paid or free:

➡ Is this something that you think should be a product, or is this something that you know should be a product?

One word difference. Pretty big distinction.

If you think it should be a product (or aren’t sure), then publish it as free blog/social content.

If you know that it should be a product, then it might be…

Once you’ve done your homework and know this is a product, then it’s time to do some further market research and confirm demand, audience, price structure, etc… and decide if it’s feasible.

(Example: I think these blog posts could be a product, therefore I’m publishing as free blogs.)

5 Quick Questions To Help Determine Pricing

  1. What type of value does your product deliver?
  2. What are your costs involved?
  3. What level of demand for your product exists?
  4. What cost savings will your customer experience as a result of consuming your product?
  5. What is fair?

If you want me to help you in the content/product creation process, get in the Entrepreneur Lab and let’s get after it! ?

Chances are pretty good that you’ve got a product inside of you that, with some deep work and split-testing, we can help you position, package, and promote.

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