The Traffic Curve: How To Maximize Your Organic Reach and When To Scale with Paid Advertising

It was October of 2014… I had just launched my first product. It was awesome! ?

Then, the cart closed… and time went on with no more income.

The question became: Now what? ?

Once you’ve invested so much of your time and energy into creating a product or service, you owe it to yourself and to those who can benefit from it to show up with momentum and let them know it’s available…

You can instantly do this for organic traffic, which includes:

  • Email Subscribers
  • Social Media Followers

Naturally, the results from your organic traffic will start to decline… Assuming you have an elite product or service that provides real value and solves real problems, then it’s time to move on to cold traffic (or people who don’t know who you are yet).

The most efficient and effective way to do this is through paid traffic, such as: 

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Google/YouTube Ads

Watch this quick 4-minute video to learn more about how and when to maximize your organic traffic and scale with paid traffic:

To recap, once your product or service is ready for action:

1) Maximize your organic reach. ?

At the initial launch of your product or service, sales are primarily driven organically by social media posts, emails to your subscribers, etc… Over time, most of your warm audience will have already purchased or moved on… As this organic reach begins to decline, that’s when you’ll want to start preparing to…

2) Optimize and scale with paid ads. ?

Now it’s time to start broadcasting to a cold audience and put your message in front of a fresh audience to either generate some new leads or directly to make sales! ??

NOTE: The way you talk to your warm audiences is likely much different than how you would approach a stranger. Keep that in mind when crafting your emails, social media posts, ads, etc…

Whether you’re running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube, experiment various ad angles to different audiences and demographics until you find your sweet spot. ?

Once you find your winners, scale them up! Once you find your losers, turn them off.

Setting all of this up, making sure it runs on time, testing, tracking, and ensuring everything is executed properly can be time consuming but also very rewarding for you, your team, and your customers.

If this is something you’d like my agency to do for you, click here to tell us more about you and your business and we’ll follow up to determine if working together might be a good fit.

We would love the opportunity to help build your audience, increase your sales, and ultimately, maximize your impact! ??

P.S. This principle applies whether you’re selling books, mattresses, gym memberships, online courses, or fitness equipment. Each product or service moves through a similar life cycle.