How Clarity and Customization Has Made Kevin Wilson One of The Most Sought After Consultants in Baseball

Our guest on this episode has been having serious impact on the game of baseball over the last 10+ years, but you may not know his name… yet.

As a consultant (and confidant) to many of the best hitters in baseball, he operates in the shadows.

This Episode’s Featured Guest: Kevin Wilson

In a performance-driven industry full of complex terminology and new high-tech gadgets, Kevin values the conversation that leads to clarity and improved performance.

His new eBook, Finding Clarity, is a great tool for any hitter or baseball coach to have in their repertoire…

In this 21-minute interview, you’ll learn:

  • the path that led Kevin to become a highly sought after baseball consultant
  • how a customized approach has created a competitive advantage for Kevin
  • what Kevin’s clients enjoy most about working with him
  • the importance of finding your north star
  • why technology has Kevin excited about his new 10-year plan!
  • and more…

Kevin also breaks down #GoodBatting, Twitter, KWB Radio, and his politically-correct opinion on ‘launch angle’ in the blitz segment.

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