How Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Changed My Life ? (and how it can change yours!)

There are a few books that have had significant influence on my life…

This one kick-started it all for me back in 2014.

Every word resonated with me.

Many of the thoughts and ideas that ran through my head were suddenly made clear as day.

More than product launches, this book is like a masterclass on Online Marketing.

I had always been entrepreneurial.

I was a Marketing major at UAB and got my MBA, learning traditional business methods.

But something deep inside me knew that there was more…

When I had a product ready to launch, I accidentally stumbled upon this on Amazon…

I bought the Kindle version, read it overnight… and everything clicked! ?

Once I got a paperback copy, it became a coloring book… full of highlights, notes, sticky notes, etc… ?

Whenever I hear the word ‘launch‘, I get chills at the excitement, the opportunity, and the incredible amount of time and energy that goes into executing a successful product launch.

I live for it.

It’s changed my life and it can change yours too.

I’ve orchestrated more than 50 launches for my clients since I read this book and went through Jeff’s Product Launch Formula course in 2014. (He’s also got a free online workshop that is full of actionable teaching.)

Enough about me…

It’s time to get you moving towards your first launch! ?

(If you don’t have a product or an e-mail list yet, a launch might be exactly what you need! Stay with me…)

“The fact is that you need to launch. Every successful product, business, and brand starts with a successful launch. You can’t afford to show up slowly. You need momentum and cash flow, because they are the very lifeblood of every successful business.” (pg. 6)

It doesn’t matter what market you’re in. You can launch in any niche.

You don’t need money to get started. A launch allows you to bootstrap to success without capital. ⚒

At it’s very core, a launch “creates a huge amount of buzz and excitement before your product is ever released” and features an incredible offer at a great price point that provides your customers with life-changing information.

(NOTE: If your offer sucks and/or your product doesn’t provide real value for customers, you must get that right before launching. Otherwise, you’re trying to fill a broken funnel and are multiplying inefficiencies.?)

If you do it right, people become genuinely engaged in a 2-way conversation.

You’re giving them great content whether they decide to buy or not.

It turns into this really cool ‘marketing’ event.

If you’re tired of telling the same people to buy your stuff over and over, you need to launch!

Over the years, I’ve experimented and developed different variations of product launches, but I’m going to quickly summarize Jeff’s model for you…

A Product Launch consists of 4 phases:

1️⃣ Pre-Pre-Launch
  • Start building anticipation
  • Get a pulse on market
  • Discover possible objections
  • (Make any necessary tweaks to your final offer!)
2️⃣ Pre-Launch
  • Give your audience 3 pieces of high-value content over 5-12 days (sequencing is key!)
  • Activate mental triggers (authority, social proof, community, anticipation, reciprocity)
  • Content can vary widely, from video to audio to written PDF (or a combination)

An easy way to think about pre-launch content is this… Remember those old-school sales letters that were 30 pages long and you probably didn’t read but just scrolled to the bottom to find the price? This sequence flips that long sales page on it’s side, delivering shorter pieces of valuable content that educate and give before you ask for the sale.

3️⃣ Launch
  • Start taking orders (“Open Cart”)
  • Short, specified period of time (1-7 days)
4️⃣ Post-Launch
  • Follow-up with new clients who bought
  • Follow-up with new prospects who didn’t buy
  • Deliver value and build your brand
  • Sets up your next launch!

Those are the 4 phases of a Launch..

Here are the 4 different types of Launches you can execute:

If you don’t have a product yet, you can employ what Jeff calls…

The ‘Seed Launch’

This is where you are essentially selling a group coaching course (maybe 6-8 weeks) with weekly calls. Before and after each call, you can survey the group asking them what they want to learn more about, what questions they have, etc… The pre-pre-launch of a Seed Launch does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

? An Internal Launch

Before you move to a JV Launch, it is important that you run an Internal Launch, meaning that you are promoting your product/service to your own e-mail list and social media followers without the support of affiliates/partners. You need to make sure your offer converts, build up social proof of people who are using your product and getting results, and make any necessary tweaks. Once you’ve successfully executed an Internal Launch, then you can move on to a…

? JV (Joint Venture) Launch

This is where the $$$ is made. A JV Launch means that you have a bunch of partners who are mailing their lists and telling their tribe about your launch. If you make a sale to someone that a partner sends your way, you payout a commission to your partner (typically 25-50%, depending on the price point of the product).

A JV partner is very similar to an Affiliate. The distinction is typically that anyone can become an affiliate and make a commission on selling your products, while a JV partner is someone who is going all out for you and whom you have/will reciprocate for by going all out for them during their next launch.

WARNING: JV Launches can be explosive in ways that change your life and business forever. There will be a line of people waiting to buy from you when you open your cart. It’s important that you’re properly prepared and are ready to overdeliver your influx of new customers. (i.e. having proper resources allocated to customer support and testing all sequences thoroughly)

(TIP: Don’t try a JV Launch until you’ve done an internal launch to your list and have proven that your offer converts. The last thing you want is to have your partners go all out for you with an offer that doesn’t convert. If that happens, they probably won’t be promoting for you in the future.)

“The bottom line is that there are a hundred ways to create value for a potential partner – and the more value you create, the more you get back.” (pg. 135)

Last, but not least, is the…

Evergreen Launch 

Like an evergreen tree, this style of launch lives on forever without a specific cart open/close time. Once you’ve proven one of the above launch sequences to convert well, you can transition into an Evergreen Launch… This means someone can opt-in at anytime to your pre-launch sequence, receive your content via an e-mail autoresponder, creating a very natural progression into your core offer.

That is the basic structure of Jeff’s Product Launch Formula.

Here’s why I get chills when I hear the word ‘Launch’ (and why I love helping my clients Launch)….

  • Whether someone buys from you or not, you’re giving them great value and training.
  • It creates crazy amounts of momentum in your business!
  • Every launch creates a life of it’s own, in a very unique (and awesome) way.
  • A launch is a great way to build your e-mail list.
  • It gives you a chance to create exactly what your people want, rather than your other ‘hope’ marketing strategies…
  • The offer typically includes stacking up some really cool bonuses for a limited time, rewarding those who take action.
  • If you truly believe in what you have created and know it can help people, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to reach as many people as possible.
  • I’ll never forget the moment I executed my first launch and made my first sale within 60 seconds of opening the cart. ?
  • There’s a sort of magic and excitement inside a launch that is hard to replicate.
  • It forces action in your prospects to make a decision: Yes or No
  • Like anything you do in life, each launch that you do gets better than the previous. #Kaizen
  • With technology evolving, launches are becoming much more interactive and dynamic…

I could go on and on… but I think you get the point.

Now is the time for you to start planning your next launch.

(What if you could pull off 2 large scale launches every year? How would that impact your business?)

I’d love to help you make it happen!

If you want to:

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P.S. If you want to knock it out on your own, make sure you get into Jeff’s free online workshop and pick up a copy of Launch on Amazon.

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