Confused by all the online marketing stuff? Try this.

So, you’re trying to write a new book… ?

But can’t stop thinking about your Facebook Ads…. ?

and wondering if your ClickFunnel is still working… ?

Meanwhile, your inbox is inundated with customer service requests… ?

And you’re still not sure how to track conversion rates on your new lead magnet. ⚙

And what about selling on Amazon vs. Shopify vs. Woo? ?

(Oh yeah, what about split-testing 5-10x different FB ads?) ?

Then trying to decide which online course to buy next. ?

Only to discover that you’re not even really sure who your avatar is yet. ?

…and when the book’s done, now what? ?‍♂️

Maybe switch e-mail providers and try a new social automation tool? ?

If this sounds familiar, I invite you to try this moving forward:


Get one website.

Have one e-mail list.

Use one social media account.

Create one new piece of content each month.

Have one lead magnet.

Write one book.

Run one Facebook ad.

Record one webinar.

Ok, you get the point…


Less is more.

Find what works.

Do more of that.

(or allow us to do it all for you!)



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