The Only App I Use To Communicate With Clients (A Must Have for Coaches, Consultants, and Creators!)

Building a business has its challenges… One of those is communication. The most effective and efficient business leaders have clear, consistent, and concise communication with everyone around them.

After a couple years of running my own business, the phone was ringing constantly, text messages were overflowing (and friends, family, and clients were all mixed together), emails were seemingly endless, and we were using multiple project management softwares with different clients… ??✉️ 

As a coach, consultant, or creator, an outlet to have quick conversations, ask questions, and share ideas is critical to moving quickly and getting things done.


I’ve long followed what I call the “Rule of 3.” If three different people separately recommend something (whether it’s a book, podcast, course, or someone to connect with), I pursue it and at least follow up on it. 

In 2017, three different people, whom I greatly respect, each recommended the “walkie talkie” app called Voxer, so I knew it was something to explore. 


Mental performance coach Brian Cain teaches a concept called the “4 Stages of Acceptance,” all of which I went through when I was first introduced to Voxer… 

#1) Not for me.

#2) Ok for others.

#3) I’ll try it.

#4) I can’t believe I did it any other way.

When I initially heard about Voxer, I didn’t think it was for me (Stage #1)… The last thing I wanted was yet another app to be checking. ? 

As I checked it out a bit more, I could see how other people might benefit from it (Stage #2).

Not long after, I decided to just try it for myself (Stage #3). 

Why not just give it a shot, right? 

After trying it, I was hooked. I moved from Stage #1 through to Stage #4 relatively quickly… I couldn’t believe I had been communicating with my team and clients any other way! 

As time went on, I got really excited about the connection I was building with others so I got all of our Kaifect team members and clients onto the app. 

Fast forward a couple years and now it’s our primary platform for communication… The feedback from others we encourage to join the platform is off the charts.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits we’ve experienced by using Voxer… ?

Connection! Voxer allows regular, real-time access and connection with every team member and client. You can listen in real-time, or come back and listen later… PLUS: The group threads really help to keep different teams/groups on the same page and up to speed on all communications.

Creativity! Voxer is a place where ideas can be shared quickly, even when you’re on the go.

Speed! You no longer have to wait until the next (unnecessary and boring) scheduled meeting to address questions or issues. Projects and tasks can get done more efficiently when quick questions can be addressed in the moment. [PRO TIP: The app also allows you to listen to audio messages on 2-4x speed so you can process full conversations faster.]

Versatility! You don’t have to be at your computer to communicate with your team. Send quick voice messages as your million dollar ideas come to you. (We all know that the best business ideas don’t happen when you’re in front of your computer!)

Tone! With how common it is now to work from home, it’s important to stay in contact regularly. Voice messages help share the tone of your messages, which can easily get lost in texting or through emails.

Sharability! Messages within the app can be easily forwarded to other group or individual threads.

Separation! Voxer allows you to separate and prioritize conversations with friends/family from clients. Plus, you can also choose what type of notifications you want to receive.

Follow Up! On this app, you’re able to see when a team member or client has read/listened to the message… making follow up much more effective! You no longer have to wonder if somebody got your text or if that email actually got delivered/opened.

Anytime, Anywhere! Although this has become the expectation now, Voxer is accessible on any device and their web app allows you to read/listen/send messages within you web browser! It’s convenient to have the app in both places, so you have everything you need regardless of where you are.

Simple and Free! This isn’t rocket science. It’s a very easy platform to get on and familiarize yourself with… If you can use a walkie-talkie, you can use Voxer! 

The best part? 

While they do offer a paid version, the FREE version is all you need! ??

A clearly defined system for communication among your team(s) and clients is very important. This is a system that works well for us. Whether you use Voxer or not, systemizing your communication is important in a world that is filled with countless apps, notifications, and constant distractions fighting for your attention.

If you’re looking to establish deeper connections with your clients or team, and think Voxer is something you’d benefit from, click here to download the app now for free!

P.S. If you’ve ever used Voxer, or a similar communication app/system, comment below and tell us about your experience and what’s working for you..