…What I Actually Do

(If you haven’t read my previous post on Why You Don’t Know What I Do…, read this first.)

I’m going to keep this short and sweet…

I am constantly getting asked this question…

Here is my reply:

Here’s what it all boils down to:

If you want to turn your knowledge and expertise into $$$ and create real, lasting impact, I can help you get clarity on your vision, construct a detailed plan of action, and formulate a bulletproof strategy to ensure we maximize your opportunities. Then my team and I can get in the trenches, build your website, help you create content, package value into products, launch your products, get you paid to speak, and make sure that it all feeds your desired lifestyle. (The goal is not just making money, but giving you the platform to do what you love on your terms.)

In plain English:

If you’re interested in helping people and making money along the way, let’s roll… (Here are some of the results I’ve created for my clients.)

Why 2 LLC’s?

The Matt Morse Companies, LLC is my personal brand focused on hands-off coaching, consulting, speaking, etc…

Kaifect, LLC is my full-service impact agency that gets in the trenches and does the work for you. We specialize in online marketing, content creation, product launches, funnel optimization, etc… It’s called an ‘impact’ agency because that is what we help our clients do… Create real, lasting impact in the lives of their people. (You can learn more about the ‘machine’, as I like to call it, at Kaifect.com.)

How can we work together?

There are a few different ways, depending on where you’re at and how much you’re willing to invest in the development of you and your business…

You can see an overview of these here… but if you’re not sure, check out my new Lifestyle + Business Self-Evaluator and we can take it from there.

Also, be sure to check out The Mo Show, now available on Apple Podcasts… You’ll get to listen to exclusive, fast-paced interviews with game-changers where we cut right to the chase and get to see what’s working for them… (They’re all between 5-10 minutes and packed with value! If I do an interview and it’s not high value, it will not be posted… I’m not just going to post an interview every week to check the box.) There are a few episodes available now so click here to subscribe on Apple Podcasts and start listening!